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Our Prayer Assignment - 27th 2015

Our Prayer Assignment At The Gold Coast Arts Centre, Evandale Parklands
September 27th 2015

It came to our attention a few months ago the Gay community were planning a week of programmes promoting their way of life called the ‘Glitter Festival’, celebrating the pride of LBGTIQAP.

The festival is being held this year from September 28th until the 4th October.

This glitter festival was promoted as a week -long celebration of arts and culture including cabaret, theatre, art gallery displays and films. There is a race day at the local turf club and a family fun day following the early morning ‘pride run’.
In the evening they are screening ‘Priscilla Queen of the desert’ on the big screen in the parklands at Evandale.

There is a push to bring all things ‘gay’ as a readily acceptable community standard and recognition of their way of living, and their expression of what they believe is ‘family’. This is a demonic assault against God and His standard for family – a mother, a father and children.

We went to Evandale, a large parklands located in front of the Arts Centre, prayed and walked the grounds claiming it for the Lord. We prayed God would intervene, interrupt and send rain on the parade that would stop people attending.

We then went into the Arts Centre and quietly walked around repenting and praying for salvation for these broken people.

I personally went into the art gallery and was shocked by the art works that were so overt in their sexual content. I was particularly offended at the mockery of one photo/art work of a surfer (who was an effeminate male with the tanned body) and a cross in an offensive position. The Good News was as I looked on the floor there was a cross-made of tape in the centre of the room.

There have been a number of areas of concern that we have prayed into. They are:

1. The promotions were underhand and did not declare they were in fact promoting the homosexual lifestyle. This is particularly concerning where family activities such as the ‘Fair Day’ are advertised as a day to dress up, and come to the fair with fun things such as merry-go round rides, stalls and entertainment. Its aim is to entice families to attend, ignorant of what the actual fair is about.
2. They have declared in their advertising ‘We are socially responsible leaders in our city’. NO THEY ARE NOT! They were/are staking a claim, a leadership position in the city that they have no right to. The apostolic/prophetic leaders are the one’s who can declare this is the Lord’s city! They are the true leaders of a city they are the Spiritual custodians of a city.
3. There is subtle advertising aimed at young people who are trying to find their sexual identity. They were holding nights called ‘There is something I need to tell you’ where they can meet and share their secrets, dreams, triumphs ‘inside the walls’ with 3 hour sessions at the Parlour.
4. Their advertising states ‘we are an all-encompassing inclusive community’ and the city of the Gold Coast has ‘come of age and is now ready to bring the community together and show everyone we are here’.
5. They are promoting their lifestyle and hoping that if the community accepts it they can then exercise more power and influence in the city.
6. Their agenda is to have regular mardi gras celebrating their lifestyle.

It is paramount that we as Christian communities rise up and speak, confronting the enemy’s schemes to bring erosion to God given standards. It is subtle, and if we become ‘dumb-downed’ enough we will accept and embrace the homosexual lifestyle. The battle is on against the family and we as apostolic women ministers need to and must rise up, speak out, and declare God’s ways for His families. To remain silent is to come into agreement with the enemy. We cannot do this in this hour.

Glenice Mills
Australian Coordinator
Women’s Apostolic Alliance

Upcoming Event: Australia

Ruth Smith

Ruth Smith is an ordained minister and prophetic voice.  She and her husband Dale are senior leaders of “The River Church” on the Gold Coast Australia.  They have five young adult children.
Ruth sensed the call of God on her life at a very young age, and has been involved in many areas of ministry.  She has a great love for the Word of God and the local church and is committed to seeing God’s people rise up into their unique calling and destiny.  She is anointed to teach God’s Word with a prophetic edge.  Ruth believes God’s people are called to be a voice for righteousness in the nation.

Women On The Frontlines Conference


March 15th 2015

We had a very powerful prayer time at our Gold Coast meeting last Wednesday night.

Seminar Update by Glenice Mills

Yesterday we had a powerful day. We were blessed to have Pastor Ada Boland share at our seminar day.

Little did we know it was International Women’s Day!

Ada, an aboriginal minister shared her journey ‘The way of the Cross’. She is a woman who has fully surrendered her life to the Lord. The ‘way of the cross' is about sacrifice. As she shared, in these strategic times there are choices – we can choose to walk the ‘way of the cross’ or not. We can go for gold, silver, or bronze, and she has chosen to go for gold.

Ada is a voice for her people as carries the heart of reconciliation. She is used by God as a bridge between all peoples. All racial division needs to be torn down, and repentance must happen.

It is time for women from all nations to come together in true unity.

This happened yesterday – unity of one heart, one mind, and one spirit. Very powerful!
Thank you Lord!!!

Glenice & Lynne receiving an Aboriginal painting from Ada

Feb/March 2015 Newsletter Now Online

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Prayer initiative - April, 2014

In the weeks prior to our prayer exploit, the Lord showed us that He wanted to address the stronghold of the homosexual/lust, perversion spirit over the Gold Coast region. He revealed that Broadbeach was the area of focus.

WAA members spent time praying into this issue; seeking the Lord for His wisdom, His heart and His instruction for how He would have us act.

During the process of researching the issue, we found that the homosexuals have specific meeting places throughout the Gold Coast catering to different people groups eg: businessmen, gym attendees to name a few. These public meeting places are openly advertised on the Internet. The Gold Coast is also promoted as a tourist destination for gays with specific hotels, restaurants and clubs assigned a gay status. Many homosexuals are wealthy and are therefore seen as a niche market in tourism.

While this was alarming to hear for most of us, we knew that the key was to lay down our own thoughts and opinions for those of the Lords. We sought the Lord for His heart and wisdom.


Early Sunday morning a group of us met at a well known homosexual meeting place – a toilet block opposite Broadbeach foreshore, a popular beach and family area.

The Lord had shown us there was an assignment of the enemy to hold a mardisgras in Broadbeach. We as Christian fivefold ministers were saying no to this erosion of family values. Glenice Mills opened in prayer addressing the perversion that is pervasive in this region; the underbelly of evil that is a stronghold on the Gold Coast. We then declared Ephesians 6:11-12 - putting on the full armour of God.

The Lord revealed that many of the streets in the Broadbeach area are named after England. In the back-story of Broadbeach is an English influence, with its roots of every debauchery and perversion. Lynne, originally from England, repented of these spirits that had been placed upon the Aboriginal people. We also repented of the bloodshed to the Aboriginal people who were raped and plundered in this region.

Godly declarations and repentance went hand in hand throughout our time of prayer. The following points arose:

We repented for sins of the foremothers and forefathers and the secret societies established, of the ignorance and double standard in the church and the atrocities done by the church in the Name of Jesus.

We dealt a deathblow to gay pride controlling ones especially in the local council and asked for the Lord to place menacing angels at the toilet that would frighten people away. We also prayed for the angels to help them come to salvation and that the Lord would send bands of worshippers into these ‘beats’.

We prayed for the removal of false religious leaders and compromising religion that accommodates; asking the Lord to plant Spirit filled churches in the region that would not compromise.

We prayed against the ‘maintaining of appearances’ where families have keep secrets and have not confronted homosexuality.

We prayed into the areas of social services that embrace homosexuality, and the government of Australia and Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has taken a stand against changing the laws for homosexual marriage.

We prayed for the medical profession who promote IVF for same sex couples to have children, and the resulting warped sense a child has who is raised in this same sex environment.

We repented where education has begun teaching and gearing up children to accept that it is normal to embrace homosexuality.

We repented for the childcare sector where many homosexuals/lesbians are working and bringing influence and acceptance of homosexuality as a lifestyle.

We repented for the media who encourage homosexuality in order to influence.

We prayed to take the gay out of gay.

We prayed for the Bride to be cleansed, the Church as an example, needs the Lord’s mercy.

Paul Mills, stood in the gap praying for the men and declaring the establishing of right relationships with correct fathering. Glenice and Paul Mills then stood together as a God ordained heterosexual marriage and declared God’s standard, His plan and purpose on the Gold Coast, created to procreate in True normality.

Towards the end of our assignment, Lynne saw a picture from God of a heart shape, engraved in a tree near the toilet block with the words ‘Jesus loves Broadbeach’. We later noticed that a tree facing the toilet block already had a heart shape space on it.

We then divided up into two and took a few minutes to walk around the area and pray – some to the sand dunes on the beachfront, a popular meeting place for homosexuals, some walked around the sports field and others went to the toilet block. The toilet block was anointed with oil on the doorways, both inside and outside and sprayed with perfume inside.

We ended our assignment just as we had begun - gathered together. We took communion and thanked the Lord for all He had done. A very powerful time of prayer, and repentance had taken place and we had a knowing that things changed in the heavenly realm as a result.

We look forward to seeing what will unfold as a result of our prayer assignment.

Update On 'Addressing The Spirit Of Seduction'

'Addressing The Spirit Of Seduction' - UPDATE

2nd DECEMBER 2013


I recently wrote a report about our exploit dealing with the bikini and the loss of modesty in these times.

On November 30th was planned a ‘Bikini Beach Party’ on Surfers Paradise Beach, the beach we met and prayed at.  There was to be an attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of women wearing a bikini. China currently has held the world record.

We awoke on the 30th to heavy rain and strong winds. We knew God had intervened and stopped this Bikini Beach Party.
We had fine weather the day before and the day after so the rain was just on this day.
We went to the website where this Bikini day was being promoted and were delighted to read that in fact the event had been cancelled three days earlier because promised corporate financial support had not come in.

It said on the website that they were ‘devastated’ and ‘frustrated’ by all that has happened in organising this event.

The Lord hears our prayers. We had prayed that the Lord would frustrate and bring devastation to the planned event. The exact words we prayed were written on their website.

It is a timely reminder that we must not forget the power and authority we five fold women carry as we come together in unity dealing with these ungodly strongholds over regions.

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers!

Report: Addressing the spirit of seduction





In the recent months past, the Lord has been showing those of us who attend the Gold Coast branch of Women’s Apostolic Alliance the stronghold of the spirit of seduction over our region.

The Gold Coast, Australia, is known for its beaches and laid back beach lifestyle. It is also known for the ‘Meter Maids’, young women, wearing sparkling gold bikinis, who put coins in expired parking meters.

The bikini was foundational for the beginning of invoking the spirit of seduction.

Surfers Paradise has an international profile and it was from the Gold Coast that a prominent fashion designer of resort wear launched her clothing range.

Surfers Paradise did hold the Guinness world record bikini parade attempt in 2011 before the title was taken by a city in China. There is again, an upcoming Bikini Parade world record attempt, to be held on November 30th 2013 at Surfers Paradise Beach.

This is part of the culture of the Gold Coast and is accepted as normal. The problem is, bikinis are immodest, and place women as ‘eye candy’ for men.

I need to make it clear at this point that we are not against the wearing of the bikini in privacy and with discretion. However, we felt it necessary to address the parading of the bikini.

It is about God’s standards, what is acceptable and right before a Holy God. He is not a mean God, however, we must come back to right balance, and modesty is a way of God.

We also need to be mindful that the Muslims are proactively speaking out against the immodesty of women, and if we are not careful, they will be the ones who influence, rather than the body of Christ. They are, in fact, being a voice, when it should be the church. Sadly the church has lost and is losing its edge, by bowing to compromise and accepting lower standards of dress and modesty.

We felt in God to do a prayer, repentance, and prophetic action on Surfers Paradise Beach, one of the places the bikini was originally accepted as the dress code for the beach.

On Sunday 29th September a group of women from Gold Coast WAA gathered together. We knew the timing was crucial as the V8 Supercar racing and Schoolies were soon approaching. Both these events encourage the parading of the bikini.

The Lord confirmed to us that we were in fact in His perfect timing, and that it was time to pray. I love it when the Lord confirms something by giving us a sign.

As we drove into Surfers Paradise there was an entire area set up with tents, with signs advertising the event reading: ‘Beach Party.’ We knew this was where we were to pray.

As we gathered a fire engine passed us with its lights flashing and siren going. The fire engine then turned around a bit further along the road and came back past us again.


We then went and sat on the sand below the main area, underneath old pictures of the original bikini/meter maids. We knew that we had to come in the opposite spirit – we were not going to parade our prayer time but instead be discreet, finding a quiet place on the sand to pray.

We prayed forgiveness where we had personally and as women succumbed to this seductive spirit; for our immodesty, and being willing to parade ourselves, setting ourselves up to attract affirmation from men.

Tim Cassidy and Mike Meek, stood in the gap for men, repenting where men had viewed women in demeaning ways, for sexual gratification.

We then brought out a bikini and symbolically cut it up into pieces. This was a very powerful action. The pieces were placed in a plastic bag and thrown into a dumpster set up as part of the ‘beach party’.

We don’t yet know the power and effects of our prayer and repentance; however, we do know that things will change. There has been a shift in the Spirit realm, and the physical realm will surely follow. (UPDATE)

This spirit of seduction has been served notice, it has been exposed!

WAA UK: Women's Summit Saturday 14th December

Women's Summit with UK Co-Ordinator Ruth Paddon:

Saturday 14th December
9.30 am - 1.30 pm
Hedley Hall, Denmark Road, Bath. BA2 3RE
(Tea/coffee & biscuits will be provided.)

Ruth will teach and explain the true Biblical teaching on the role of women in the church. This includes pulling down many lies that have been taught, because of the wrong interpretation of scriptures, keeping women out of their full call and place in the church.  The women coming to this Summit morning do not have to be five-fold ministers. Hopefully at the end of the Summit everyone will understand what five-fold ministry means and have a revelation of what they're called to.  Some will not be five-fold ministers but many will be in all stages of development.  All women, the same as men, carry a particular anointing in the body of Christ and need to be encouraged and released. This is God's heart for the church.  His heart is to see a full representation of the male and female  in the church.

Please invite any women you know, to come to the Women's Summit on December 14th at 9.30am-1.30pm.

A flyer will be sent soon and our usual Forerunners Meeting will commence at 2.30pm for those who would like to stay on after lunch.  For those who want to stay for the day and engage in Prophetic worship in the afternoon, please bring a packed lunch to eat at the venue, Hedley Hall.

"I'm excited about what God is saying to us and am looking forward to working with you in the furtherance of God's kingdom and your call.  We all have a unique ministry and gifting that God has given us and need each other to complete our mission in life."

Yours In Christ

Ruth Paddon
Womens' Apostolic Alliance
U.K. National Co-Ordinator

Report for New Zealand - Dr. Sharmaine Dobson

I have perceived that there has been a cry for New Zealand to take her heart of stone and submit it to God to be transformed to a heart of passion; a heart that yearns and beats after Him. This is New Zealand’s time to ARISE. It is her time to stand up and be counted in the army of the Lord. “It is time for the voice of the women clergy”, as Lynne says, “to be heard.”  It is time to take our place and stand with our faces set like flint, not looking to the right or looking to the left. It is time, it is time!
We were privileged to host Dr Lynne Hamilton in Wellington, our capital city, as she spoke to a conference organised by Sue Loan of Firebird Ministries, on the apostolic.  By the end of the conference lives were changed and there was a spirit of joy/rejoicing and purpose. We are very honoured to welcome Sue Loan as our Wellington and surrounding districts co-ordinator.
We were blessed to have Wendy Sim from Snells Beach attend the conference as well.

Dr Lynne had a burning word for a local church and their pastor. Once again that breakthrough anointing she carries prevailed and lives will never be the same after many prophesies and words of knowledge flowed.
We are also very privileged to welcome Gay McKay, situated in Waihi Beach, to our fold as our Bay of Plenty co-ordinator. Watch this space for photos and news as these two Generals prepare to call 5 Fold women out of hiding.

Understanding New Zealand Culture has been a task that I gallantly set out to understand. New Zealand like any other country of the world has an ingrained culture which once grasped, I felt could help me understand the roots of the 5 fold women in New Zealand.  The best and most concise explanation I have heard is from a respected man by the name of Peter Lineham who is an Associate-Professor Peter J. Lineham is a historian, who teaches at Massey University at Auckland, New Zealand. His major fields of research are eighteenth and nineteenth century English religious history as well as New Zealand religious history. His major books include ‘There we found Brethren’, ‘No Ordinary Union’, ‘Bible and Society’, and ‘Transplanted Christianity’. He has also written many articles and is a frequent speaker on religion, church, culture and society.

He says, and I quote,
“Gender Factors in New Zealand History:

Over the last thirty years historians have reflected extensively on the gendered nature of New Zealand history, and what was distinctive about this, compared to other societies at the same time. Most historians now see the colonial/imperial factor as a key not simply to the colonies but also to the imperial heartland. Victorian notions of gender need to be applied to New Zealand with caution because gender roles were reshaped in the colony.
The disproportion of men to women in New Zealand is usually viewed as a key factor although it can be exaggerated, as David Thomson has argued. Nevertheless, in the broader context of Australasian culture, single males – tramps and mates and soldiers – influenced the emergence of a very rugged masculinist culture. The image of New Zealand males remained in ‘cowboy’ mode. Fred Dagg and Barry Crump and mud-splattered All Blacks symbolise New Zealand masculinity and this ‘good keen man’ image was rather rough, dirty, violent and implicitly rather hostile to femininity.
Meanwhile the colonial pattern of the hardworking wife with few or no servants subtly changed the Victorian ideal of the woman in the home. Women learned to be strong and determined, and challenged the demure image of Victorian women. They gained power from their home base. Women strongly supported the campaign for the prohibition of alcohol and the enfranchisement of women.

The WCTU’s motto was ‘for God for home for humanity’. Moreover movements of ‘scientific motherhood’, eugenics and race purity, and above all the Plunket Society, portrayed the ideal woman as domestic in her outlook, giving everything to her children. Probably the early twentieth-century tone placed more restrictions on respectable women.
There were always other dimensions to the story. An influential book by Caroline Daley identifies changing notions of gender and sexuality. In the 1920s and 1930s colonials were exposed to Hollywood’s notions of femininity, and women began to conform to changing notions of the stylish body beautiful. This contradiction, women questing for the beautiful and men anxious not to be domesticated, remains a feature of our gender history.”

Watch this space as I search deeper into our culture and seek out our champions of the faith.

Colleen Doyle, a New Zealand WAA member and the Leader of ‘GO Ministries’ is visiting with my dear friend Ruth Paddon at Forerunners International in Bath. I wish I was there but bless them with a joyful visit and sweet fellowship.

With much love from New Zealand

Dr Sharmaine Dobson 

Report for UK - Ruth Paddon

Hi from sunny UK,

Everyone is now settling in to the first term of the new school year here. It has been a wonderful summer and most people have been away on holidays.

WAA has also taken a break but I felt the Lord wanted me to travel to three Roman cities and do some praying.

I also have been connecting one on one with many female prophets and apostles in the UK.

Firstly, I drove to the city of Chester, the old Roman gateway to North Wales. I felt to declare the Lord Jesus Christ's sovereignty over the region and break a blockage in the spirit realm caused by a false declaration made by an ancient church leader. The city had a false soul tie to Rome and was lacking freedom to embrace God's plans for revival and the restoration of apostles and prophets in the region. I felt the gateway to Wales needed to flow freely.

From Chester I travelled to York, my major assignment, where I knew for several months
God wanted me to intercede and declare certain things.

I took a city bus trip and felt God's grief when we pulled up near Clifford's Tower. The tour guide mentioned a Jewish massacre had happened there in1190 AD. My spirit was grieved and I started interceding while sobbing in grief. As I walked up the hundreds of steps to the tower, I felt to repent on behalf of the clergy and stand in the gap for the betrayal of the Jews at that time. They had turned to the Crown and church authorities for protection from a murderous mob and great persecution. The Jews, who escaped the town riots, sought protection in the Tower and waited for help.

Fearing the mob would overrun them, many families committed suicide and others who waited were massacred the next morning by the bloodthirsty mob.

Interestingly all Jews and their property were considered the King's property for many centuries in the UK. In 1290 AD all Jews were expelled from England and not allowed to return until the mid-17th century.

I felt this sin of betrayal and abandonment was preventing the church from flourishing in this region. The true Apostolic and Prophetic needed to be restored to the church in this Roman city. I called forth the Fivefold ministries and especially Prophets and Apostles.

I finally arrived in Lincoln, another Roman city, where a great injustice occurred against 12 Jewish leaders. They were falsely accused of murdering a child by a church leader in Lincoln and executed in London. Only recently has there been an apology. As the Anglican church and the Jewish community are reconciled in this country, the curse of injustice can change to blessing and spiritual breakthrough.

As I researched in the various museums I visited, I noticed the weak position of women in all areas of society. The freedom we take for granted, especially voting, is only a recent development .The suffragettes paid a great price for a woman's right to vote. Many were abused, raped and force fed in prison, causing permanent damage to the women’s' throats.

Up until the late 1800's when a woman got pregnant, she knew the chances were very high she would die. One in four children in England died during childbirth. It's no wonder there has developed generational fear of death in our family history. Giving life to babies was equated with death and suffering. This would have brought a fear of death over the womb.

Praise God with the many great revivals in the UK, the position of women in society has improved in direct correlation to the spiritual freedom manifested.

A woman was her father's property, then her husband’s property when she married. She owned nothing herself. Now she is free to earn her own living and own her own property.

 Western society is still facing threats to women's freedom through the rise of Islam and sharia law. We know it's a spiritual battle and WAA here are backing, in prayer, Baroness Cox, in the House of Lords, as she makes a stand for Women's rights and freedom already won for them by Christ and UK legislation.

We intend to do more prayer walks and excursions as well as researching women of faith. (See Vanessa's article on Countess Huntingdon.) There is a growing interest in fivefold women ministers joining WAA. I hope to hold a conference in Bath for women in ministry soon. I have my personal website up and running and it has a direct link to the WAA website.

The WAA website is a wonderful resource and blessing to us all, in every part of the globe.

Blessings in Christ as Australia go into summer and the UK embraces the winter season. We are all in a common continuous season of Grace. Be encouraged to rise up in all the freedom God has given you.
Ruth Paddon
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