Womens' Apostolic Alliance



Meet Ruth Paddon as Dr. Lynne Hamilton interviews her for Womens' Apostolic Alliance and discusses her life and call in God so far.
Born and raised as a Baptist minister’s daughter, Ruth Paddon has served God all of her life since childhood. During her long career as a schoolteacher Ruth established ‘Jesus Clubs’ and indigenous Christian projects along with other Christian initiatives in almost every school she worked in.

She is an Australian apostle on the international leadership team of Forerunners International in Queensland, Australia, and is now sent to the U.K. to develop their work in Bath.

She writes and teaches schools which train people up in prophetic and apostolic ministry, and is in increasing demand as a conference speaker. Ruth’s ability and anointing to recruit, rally and fire up the saints to action is at the heart and motivation of this mighty warrior who inspires and energizes all who encounter her.
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