Samantha Harramis

A creative piece by Samantha Harramis, Women’s Apostolic Alliance member

Loving God is sacrificial. Nothing will come before Him and nothing will replace His love. In fact,

attempting to fill the love void within oneself with anything aside from God will prove a futile task. What He requests of us is obedience sprung forth from love the way a child chooses to spring into the arms of a parent. Radical untainted love – with no care for the opinions of man.

In return, His love is so abounding and even forceful upon us like a crashing wave of the ocean; nothing will stop it from colliding passionately with the shoreline. Feel the ocean breeze, the salty air stirring your hair into curls. Hear the magnitude of the roar the waves make as they break and race to the shore. Touch the fresh lips of the water lapping over your toes, that moment of questioning, “Is it going to be painfully cold?” The sigh of your breath out, “Oh, how perfect a temperature.”

His love is all-encompassing, although it can take some time to see, feel and receive.

So, I urge you dear daughter, do not fear walking to the ocean’s edge. Embrace the scary yet undeniably beautiful vast blue expanse in front of you. He will not crush you or drown you. He will refresh your soul. The salty water will cleanse your heart from hurts and disappointments. He will teach you to ride the waves in joy and peace. He will hold you steady in the ever-flowing tides. He will guard you and keep you for the rest of your days.

“Come in dear child. Hold fast to My hand, and swim with Me.”

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