Patty Chegg

Patty Chegg

Patty Chegg and My Journey of Faith

I was born in Madang, Papua New Guinea, and due to my parents’ faith in God, I got to know about God at a very young age. I loved the biblical stories that I read about, from Jesus’ crucifixion to His Resurrection, the whole event just gripped and stirred me.  But it was not till I was 27, that I encountered Him more personally and powerfully through my ‘born again’ experience with the Holy Spirit, and I started to understand the meaning of my faith.

Shortly after this life changing encounter, my daughter Karen who was 10 at the time, and I, witnessed a creative miracle of God, when a woman marked for a leg amputation because of an accident that shattered all the bones in one leg, received a whole new bone structure in her leg.  This ‘eye opener’ to the power of God, not just excited us, but the woman’s whole family came to the Lord, and to this day, we testify to the Risen Christ and the Power in the Holy Spirit, with this testimony, and the many others we were blessed to witness.

I attended many great teachings, conferences and courses including the Elijah House Ministries with John and Paula Sandford, the Courts of Heaven with Suzette Torti, in prophetic/apostolic mentoring and affiliation with Logan and Sharon Anderson, involved with Lawrie and Wendy Whitmore, Tree of Life Ministry, in the events with the renunciation of Freemasonry using the resource, ‘Break Free’, participating in the prophetic school of Glenice Mills of WAA, and coming alongside a number of great ministers of our faith, including Ps Gary and Amanda Hoban of Refinery Life Church on the Gold Coast, to name a few.  All these connections matured me in my walk and talk on faith.

My schedule also involves the planning and coordinating of monthly events in corporate repentance from the workbooks: ‘Repentance of Generational Sin and Iniquity and Renunciation of Generational Curses’ and ‘Break Free’, a renunciation of Freemasonry, as well as one-on-one ministry by appointment. 

I participate in volunteer work with the ACL Australian Christian Lobby in their Queensland assignments, communicating by phone with registered members, to handing our important flyers on freedom.

Each Thursday evening Arrowheads of God participants are moved into an intercessory prayer meeting, and alternate by joining the ACL group of prayer warriors.

The Lord has led me to create a prayer intercessory platform on Facebook to intercede for nations, our nation Australia, church and state coverage, families, education, businesses, and prompts me to release His Clarion call through the sounding of the shofar on mountain tops, roof tops, before and after meetings and events.

Through life’s journey, there were great times and grim times, and I found strength, comfort, and love in knowing God.  And more recently during prayer, was given confirmation through the vision received by Prophet Sharon Anderson, about a website to be named Arrowheads of God.  The vision was specific in how to design the arrowhead graphics, put together by the skilled Logan Anderson, what the reasons are for its existence, and what is to ensue, a book (His arrowhead), that was to be written on a matter close to God’s Heart.

A scroll was presented to me by the angel of Australia and had ‘repentance’ written on it.  A mandate was revealed, and a book targeting repentance was birthed, and launched.  He desires first up, for the occult to be rid of in His House and household, by way of personal, generational, and corporate repentance ministry that was road-mapped, and His healing, deliverance, and freedom to be executed through us. The Holy Spirit revealed the way demolition of demonic altars, and the dethroning of their strongmen was to occur in its Godly order, written in Deuteronomy 12:1-3 and not to ‘put the cart before the horse’.  Effective spiritual warfare and its step-by-step repentance narrative and process outlined in the workbook, being key to breakthrough in repentance.

This is my lot, to minister, train and equip in this sphere of influence, that I pay particular attention to, to stay on this path, till the Lord moves me into other areas.  It is a great joy to connect and partner with people from all walks of life and experiences to co-work with Jesus in His Kingdom operatives of today, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

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