Our Evening with Diane Pearce

What a powerful night! It was so special to have Apostle Diane Pearce come and share with us.

There is something very valuable when a mature woman in God, such as Diane, shares their journey of trials, difficulties, and their personal victories that inspires, and encourages. We were blessed to hear some of Diane’s life history and how the Lord has been with her through it all. Diane also preached and prophesied over those that attended. At the end the Holy Spirit ministered with a beautiful peace that settled on us.

Diane has ministered powerfully internationally and has a healing, prophetic ministry. She is a forerunner and sadly has had to stand against opposition from men who were threatened by who she was and what she carries. She has preached the Gospel for many decades and written many manuals.

Diane is a resilient woman – one who no matter what comes against her, always gets back up again and moves forward in obedience to all that God requires of her.

We were so blessed to have Diane share, and to glean what she carries in Him.
A very special woman!

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