Dianne Daly

A prophetic word by Dianne Daly, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance.

Where lies the truth these days? Has the world gone mad? One says something, another says the complete opposite on the same subject. Who is telling the truth? 


‘Whenever, therefore, people are deceived and form opinions wide of the truth, it is clear that the error has slid into their minds through the medium of certain resemblances to that truth.’


Growing up my mother would line us three children up, with stick in hand, saying who did this? The answer would be, “not me!”  I knew it wasn’t me, so who out of my two brothers, was lying. 

I remember one of my brothers saying…

“Mum look at my face,  does it look like I am lying?”

He was the one found out to be the liar. 

The media is hiding  so much of the truth from us, saying look, look at me, would I lie to you, when I am looking so honest.

This week I was signed up for Jury duty.  As I was waiting in the court to be picked, I heard the Judge say, “what do you plea?”  I heard the accused say “not guilty” to every charge. So it was up to the Judge and jury to decide his innocence. 

Looking at this man all dressed up, clean shaven, looking humble, I thought about my brother….Look at me, do I look guilty? He was emanating innocence. 

Wisdom and discernment is something we need more than ever. We can be so deceived, even though someone or something can look so right and sound so good. It could be all wrong. 

Proverbs 4.7… 

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do, and whatever else you do, develop  good judgement. 

We need good judgement, instead of running off with all we hear and see. The best judgement we can get is from the wisest judge I know, that is Jesus, who is the spirit of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. We should put aside our own opinions on what sounds right to us, and ask Jesus for the truth in it all. 

Hebrews 4.13… 

Nothing in all creation is hidden from Gods sight, everything is uncovered and laid bare. 

Asking Jesus to tell us the truth, and staying open to what he says to us, is the key to not getting deceived. 

Discernment…Is an activity of determining  the value and quality  of  a certain subject. 

It’s the spirit of God who determines the value  and quality. With Him, we cannot go wrong! We will have the true answer…

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