Poem by Patricia Usiobaifo, Women’s Apostolic Alliance Member

How can words express the gratitude felt,

For a life of redemption, countless acts of love,

Hope, destiny, truth, and value

Imparted from above

He took imposed silence

And instead gave me a voice

He took control, manipulation, fear

And instead gave me choice.

He took brokenness, hurt, all kinds of abuse;

Deadly long tendrils of bondage He loosed.

Nothing remains of the shame of the past ,

The freedom He bought will endure to the last.

The plan was always to destroy my identity;

To rob me of my worth and alter my destiny,

But God’s plan was greater, unchanged throughout time,

He desired for me to know that I am His and He is mine.

So you can tell me I am nothing,

stupid, fat, ugly whatever you choose;

But I will not agree, ever again,

my mind has been renewed.

I know I have great value ,

and I am loved beyond belief,

And you have lost the battle,

You’re a liar and a thief.

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