Patricia Usiobaifo

Patricia Usiobaifo

This poem touches on the redemptive power of God’s love

My life was a mess, my soul left in tatters.

There were literally days when nothing else mattered

Except  for God’s grace, mercy and love towards me

And the power of the blood shed on Calvary’s tree.

Without that love, grace, and merciful sacrifice,

I shudder to think what would have become of my   life.

And years on I now know His redemption wasn’t just about me,

But the people I have also fed, clothed and helped to set free.

Though we may feel isolated and often alone,

We are created for relationship, to reach out to that one.

To do unto others just as Christ has done. 

We are meant to share with a hurt and dying  world, the blessings we have, it’s like paying it forward.

Food, clothing, love, eyes that see, hearts that hear;

The word of God, and our testimony of how He drew us near.

Of how He has healed and delivered, saved and set free .

And how before His undying love and gift of life… that poor sinner wretch was me.

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