Kim Rane

A prophetic word by Kim Rane, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance

“There is no perfect place, only perfect placement.” says the Lord.

This is a word the Lord has given me to release now for this next season.

I sense it is for all those who know they were placed by the Lord to grow in a church to prosper, to mature, to love and be loved.

But some, due to hurt, some pride, some having grown a bitter seed of resentment, being unrepentant, have fled to another place without the Lord’s permission, without trying to bring the situations back to a place of love and honour.

“What’s this, I looked for you in My house where you were planted like a tender shoot but you have gone, you have strayed to a place I never ordained for you to be!”

“You have said in your heart “Mud, mud, I am drowning in mud here. This isn’t of God. I will remove myself and find a better pasture that will profit me much.”

“Am I a Man that I would lie, “ says the Lord. “When I placed you at first and said grow and prosper, this is your sanctuary in this time and season. These are your people to love and cleave to as long as I choose.

So why do you question My judgment? Why do you mock My pastures where I had ordained you to grow?

I tell you truly, you will no longer prosper in the wrong pasture. Repent and go back to your shepherds. Humble yourselves under My mighty hand and I will bless you. I will cause your growth to accelerate. I will take out your stony heart, your broken heart, and give you a new heart overflowing with love.

Test Me and watch what I will do.

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