The Answer

Poem by Patricia Usiobafo, Women’s Apostolic Alliance member

Death and destruction; civil unrest

Natural disasters, pandemics , pestilence

Souls crying out for justice amidst blind hatred and fear

The world is in chaos, the last days are here

Lives are cut short by euthanasia and abortion

Man’s greed and abhorrent cruelty evident in every nation

Families forced from war torn nations into refugee camps

Children’s innocence robbed, while they plead with outstretched hands

And yet amidst the darkness, hate and violence

God You are here, right here beside us

Offering hope, truth, a future and destiny

Love, comfort, peace, and rest with You in eternity

You are The Way, The Truth and The Life

The only answer to all of this strife

Only You God can change men’s hearts

Forgive them their sins, set them apart

You alone have what humanity cries out for

Only You can judge righteously, forgive and restore

I know beyond any doubt, all of this is true

Because I found my life, healing and identity in You

You restore my soul, heal my body, remind me whose I am

You are Saviour, Lord, Redeemer, Son of God, Son of man .

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