Belinda Jabore

A teaching by Belinda Jabore, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance.

I want to share this teaching about the Lord’s Prayer with you in small bite sized pieces as it is so encouraging. It is a reminder for us to learn a deeper revelation of this incredible prayer Jesus Y’shua teaches us. I know I can say the Lord’s Prayer very quickly, and in an off hand way sometimes, but it is wonderful to meditate on this prayer a lot more.

I am quoting directly from His Word in the Glossary in the One New Man Bible – Revealing Jewish Roots and Power, Page 1756.

The Lord’s  Prayer is the prayer Y’shua taught His disciples in Matthew 6: 9-13.

‘Some say that this should not be the Lord’s Prayer, but the Disciple’s Prayer, because it is what Y’shua instructed His disciples to pray.

It is appropriate to call it the Lord’s because He taught this prayer.  Whatever the prayer is called should not be our concern, but rather that we pray it, and pray it with the positive thrust that Y’shua taught.

OUR FATHER,  is an immediate statement of our relationship with the King of the Universe, at once bringing to mind His love and concern for us, and our submission to Him, just like a small child should be submitted to his father.

The Pharisees frequently started their prayers with “Our Father” (Avinu in Hebrew) and cited Hosea 11:1 as the scriptural basis for that.

That verse starts ‘When Israel was a young man I loved him,’

In Isa 63:16 and other verses He is called

“Our Father”.

When they began a prayer they always started with“Our Father’ before continuing in their prayer.’

To be continued in Part 2