A reflection during a painful time

Patricia Usiobaifo


The following is a reflection during a painful time in my life where I could do nothing but trust in the unseen; trust in all that I have learned and experienced and ultimately believe that God is who He says He is .


I stare at the snapshot of this long, long season of my life;

The colours begin to fade to grey then deepen into hues of despair.

Colours once vivid and bright have been washed out with shades of hopelessness.

The dark closes in until all that remains are shadows of the once wild dreams and desires that made up the colour of life.

One by one lies erode the foundation of trust and respect ;

Until the solid ground gives way to mud and mire and I find myself struggling to hope, struggling to feel, struggling to breathe.

I try to pray but words won’t formulate.

Thoughts are scattered, here, there, everywhere… fragments in flight.

Alone is all I feel… disconnected, displaced, despondent.

I have no need for sympathy, understanding nor comfort.

I do not need to be rescued, defended or even avenged by man.

At the very core of my being I know that my hope, future, and destiny lies in the hands of Him alone ….

“Who remembered us in our low condition

For His mercy endures forever

And tore us from the hands of our oppressors

For His mercy endures forever “

( Psalm 136: 23-24)

So I will rest and I will wait and I will trust in “the God of heaven…… for His mercy endures forever. “ (Psalm 136: 26)

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