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Great Apostolic Women.

There are so many great women in the Bible, like Ruth, Deborah, and Esther, who changed the course of history. Woman in the past like Kathryn Kuhlman, and Maria Woodworth-Etter are known for their great work, as are women of today such as Joyce Myer, and Marilyn Hickey.

Most are great apostolic woman,

One of my favourite apostles of her day, was PHOTINI. In John 4:4-26 is the story of Jesus talking to a Samaritan Woman at a well. Her name was Photini.  

She was the most outstanding apostle of Jesus’ time, and long after Jesus’ death. She became an advocate for Jesus Christ, spreading the gospel to many nations. One nation was Africa where she started, and ran many churches. She became well known for her work for Jesus Christ, but little is written about her in the Bible. However history reveals her story. She walked in the power and the Spirit of God, teaching many. She was God’s anointed and appointed woman.

Her five sisters Anatal, Photo, Photis, Paraskeve,and Kyriake were also apostles, helping her in the work of the ministry. Photini travelled far and wide with her family – her two sons, and many good friends. She preached the good news of Jesus coming, his death, and resurrection.

 When Photini and her son Joseph were in Africa, Jesus appeared to Photini in a dream.  In this dream He showed her she was to travel to Rome. So Photini left with a crowd of followers, and preached Christ with boldness in Rome.

She was ministering in Rome when Emperor Nero heard of the works she was doing. He sent his guards to bring her to him. She refused to go when demanded but went to see him of her own accord the next day. Emperor Nero asked why they had come.  Photini answered, ‘we have come to teach you to believe in Jesus Christ!’

Nero spoke and said, ‘are you willing to die for this Nazarene Jesus’?

Photini spoke out, ‘yes for we love Him, and we rejoice in his name’. Nero was so angry he ordered their hands be beaten with iron rods. This happened for three hours. God stood by them and protected their hands. They were not harmed. They all glorified God, and Photini quoting psalms, praised God saying, ‘God is my help, no matter what anyone does to me, I shall not be afraid.’ Nero was not finished, with her yet, and he ordered all the men be thrown in jail.

He brought Photini and all her sisters to the palace, sitting them on golden thrones, tempting them with gold coins, jewels, and dresses. He also sent his daughter Domnina with her slave girls to persuade them to deny Christ. Domnina and Photini talked together, but the outcome was not what Nero wanted. Domnina and her hundred slave girls were born again, and Photini baptized them all.

When Emperor Nero heard that his own daughter had been converted to Christianity, he condemned Photini and all her companions to death by fire. He had them thrown into the furnace, and for seven days the furnace burned. They all came out untouched, the fire did not harm them. Next he tried to poison them. Photini offered to drink the poison first. She said, ‘I will drink so you may see the power of my Christ and God.’ They all drank and no ill effects came to them. Nero afflicted them with every known torture. They all survived unscathed, which only made Nero angrier as time went on.

Three years they were held in prison.  Photini turned the place into a church. Many Roman prisoners were converted and baptized. Nero became so enraged he had all except Photini beheaded.

Photini was thrown into a deep dry well, then brought back up and put into prison again. Photini was so grieved and alone, so she prayed to God to release her from this life. Then one day when she was singing and praising God she died.

What a great woman of faith, and put all her trust in her God. The devil could not harm or take her life. She had given her life to Jesus, He owned it, and only God could take it.

She was a great Apostle of Jesus Christ. When someone says where are the woman Apostles of Jesus in the New Testament, put your hand up and say I know one – Photini.

John 4:14 Jesus said to her…. whoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. Photini drank the water offered to her and now has everlasting life.

Apostle Paul addressed a number of women as leaders – for example one named Apostle Junia. Her husband was Andronics.  Junia is a female name that was changed to a male name Junias in the Latin translations of the New Testament we now read. The New testament was written in Greek. She was recognised as one to look out for among all the Apostles.

ROMANS 16:7, salute Andronicus and Junia, my fellow Jews, and my fellow-prisoners, who are of note among the Apostles, who also were in Christ before me.


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I love to work with and hear of woman apostles. They are a real gift to the body of Christ. They bring  insightful revelation of our Lord God and also bring a strength which we all need – just like Photini strong in might and power in our God. Woman of today who have been given the ministry gift of an apostle by God have more of an opportunity to live and work in what God has put in their lives. It’s so good to see them function, fully extending His kingdom in all authority, character, gifts and abilities, and bringing his anointed purpose in truth and order.

If Jesus has called you as an apostle I encourage you to stand up, like Junia and Photini, and be noted amongst all the Apostles.

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