A Report on Prophetic Training Day 11 March 2023




What an amazing day we had! God moved powerfully, and freedom and deliverance came to those who attended.


God is so faithful! We had a day of teaching as well as practical activations.


In the first session Glenice taught on the spirit of divination. This spirit operates as a counterfeit to the true prophetic, and is one that we need the gift of discernment to know when it is operating.


Some prophetic words can sound like God is speaking, however when there is witchcraft, and the soul realm operating, it can bring bondage. We went through a prayer of repentance with breakthrough coming to many.


In the second session Glenice taught on Prophetic Etiquette where people have unwisely spoken prophetic words without consideration of the person receiving it. Sadly manners is often lacking in the prophetic where people feel they have the right to ride roughshod over people’s will speaking a word that has caused serious consequences. Again as we went through repentance breakthrough came to many.


We had a great time of questions with clarity coming as truth of His Word and His ways were revealed.


During the time of practical activations Glenice taught on the different ways God speaks to us.  The Holy Spirit touched everyone as He revealed Himself and His heart toward those who attended.


Thank you Lord for ministering to us!



Glenice Mills

Leader of Women’s Apostolic Alliance




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