Robyn Smith

A prophetic word by Robyn Smith, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance.

 Yeshua is on time and He is returning for His Bride, His faith-filled people, who are pure and undefiled, not sinning, not serving ourselves and other idols. His people are prepared and full of the love of Yahweh, and love for one another. We are Jew, Gentile, Male, Female, Bond, and Free shining brightly for the LORD and ready for the KING of kings! Yeshua is returning to rule and reign in His Kingdom for a millenium!

There are prophets roaring at this time – crying out to GOD’S people; to those who have ears to hear, to return to Yahweh through the Blood of Yeshua Messiah and prepare the way for the second coming of Yeshua – Messiah Ben David, LORD and KING of the Universe!

John the Baptist, the Immerser, was a voice, a prophet, crying – roaring in the wilderness! John was preparing the way for the Messiah, the Son of GOD’s first coming to earth – Yeshua, Messiah Ben Joseph. Yeshua, the sacrificial Passover Lamb of Yahweh who was crucified and shed His Atoning Blood for forgiveness of our sin. He victoriously rose from the dead and lives forevermore! Yeshua was baptised in water to fulfil all righteousness. The Holy One of Israel baptises the faithful remnant in the Holy Spirit and fire!

Be ready for His Second Coming to Earth, before you take your last breath! I implore you, do not miss out on Eternal Life in Him. He is the One True Living Eternal GOD, who was crucified, taking our sin upon Himself, the Holy and Blameless Lamb of Yahweh! He is the Righteous Judge and Ruler of the Universe, the Only One able to restore and save us from our sin and eternal damnation. He is the One who rose victoriously from His Death! Having defeated death, He won back the keys of death and hades! He is the Only One with all authority in Heaven and in Earth! Death could not hold Him down. Yeshua lives forevermore! Yeshua said to His disciples, he who has seen Me, has seen the Father!

When we choose to follow the LORD of the Universe continuously with all our heart and being, renouncing our sin, faithfully obedient to His Word and Holy Spirit, we are known to Him. We receive His mark and not the mark of the beast – the anti-Messiah. Be sensitive and be led by the Holy Spirit of Yahweh. Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin and chastens us because Heavenly Father loves us. The LORD is Everlasting Father! Be always hungering and thirsting after the LORD’s Righteousness, keeping our hearts blameless and pure before Him. Our eyes fixed looking to Him, the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Only One who has the power to save us. Be willing and vigilant to stay awake in these end times. Watch, listen, hear, and obey the LORD. Humbling ourselves, praying, drawing near to Him with a heart of love and gratitude, hope and expectation of His Return and Coming Kingdom, Halleluyah!

 “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but they are not able to kill eternal life: but you must rather fear the One able to destroy both life and body in Gehenna (Sheol).”

Do not be afraid of the world’s plan – alpha, delta, or any other variant, lie and deception. The world is the enemy of Yahweh – GOD! The LORD is the Alpha and Omega! Choose Life in Yeshua, the Deliverer, and be a light and hope for the hopeless, pointing to Messiah! Be a voice crying – roaring in the wilderness – spreading the Good News of Messiah, and His Coming Kingdom! Prepare the way for the returning KING!

“I AM the Alef and the Tav, (Alpha and Omega) the Beginning and the End (First and Last).”

Yeshua is returning quickly! Be ready.

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