Glenice Mills

A prophetic word by Glenice Mills, Australian Coordinator, Women’s Apostolic Alliance

Wherever we go we see people wearing masks and sadly they have succumbed to government edicts through fear and deception.

This word is not an opinion whether masks should or should not be worn, what age they should be made to wear them, or the health benefits, or not, because of wearing them.

However there are some things we need to consider, and what masks prophetically represent in the Spirit.

The Lord was speaking to me about suffocation. I looked up the meaning of suffocation and it paints a very accurate picture of what is happening throughout society, among most nations since covid outbreaks.

The Dictionary meaning of suffocation is: the process of dying from being deprived of air, or unable to breathe, difficulty in breathing, a feeling of being trapped or oppressed.

To suffocate means to prevent relationship, business, skills from developing, feeling unable to do what you want.

We struggle to breathe in the natural when wearing masks but they also muzzle us, making it difficult to have open communication. We are unable to do what we want and need to do, and that is to have relationship with one another – the very thing God created us to do and to have.

When I think of suffocation the python comes to mind. A python takes its prey, strangulates, and cuts off breathing, sucking the very life out of its victim.

If we take this in the spiritual then we have to say the python spirit is suffocating the life out of many of God’s people, by destroying all hope.

Sadly we are seeing this happening among many fellow Christians. Difficulties have come and they are suffocating under the strain of whatever is afflicting them right now. The very life is being taken from many and frustration is building, as they can’t do what they want in God.

Symbolically suffocation is happening in the body of Christ. We cannot meet as we want, and it can feel like the very life is being taken out from among us.

Our freedom of choice is being suffocated.

However I wonder if God is challenging, and asking His people, particularly His leaders, if we have taken the life out of His body of believers as we have moved in our own strength, doing things supposedly for Him when in fact His breath of life is not on it.

We have allowed our man made, and man led programmes to replace the move of the Holy Spirit, that has led to suffocated growth and development of many of God’s people. They have not reached their full potential in Him.

If we look at the symbolism of masks they are like a muzzle that controls us, stopping and distorting communication.  We can’t hear clearly because the sound is muzzled, and we are unable to read a person’s full expression: for example – their smile.

We have to ask the question is the Holy Spirit being muzzled? Does He have opportunity to speak through those God has given to speak His Word, His Truth?

Is a muzzle being placed on God’s people so they remain in a place of quiet submission, never questioning doctrine, or what He wants to say and do? Has the prophets voice been muzzled at this time? I wonder.

Suffocation taken to its fullest extreme brings death. When there is lack of air our bodies will die. There is a spirit of death that brings loss of vision and hopelessness that is happening to many.  They are stagnating in the sameness of life when God is trying to take them from where they are now, and bring them into His higher Kingdom purposes. This is where hope can be restored.  We have hope because we are His.

Where there is death life can come – resurrection life. I wonder if the Lord is bringing to death many old ways of doing things because what has worked previously no longer works.

Lord I pray you break off the spiritual suffocation that is snuffing out the life of Your loved ones. Lord as we symbolically take off the mask we speak your life and hope. Unmuzzle us Lord so we speak the words You want us to speak.

The great news is we have the breath of life – ruakh chayim. We need the breath of life, the breath of the Holy Spirit like never before. Let’s speak life and hope over our circumstances.

Job 33:4

The Spirit of God has made me,

And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Thank you Lord for life, abundant life!

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