Belinda Jabore

An intercessory burden and prayer by Belinda Jabore, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance

To the Government and people of Australia

Re Abortion

“How can we kill the babies we don’t want and expect to keep safe the babies and children we do want”

This quote is from Al Houghton’s book ‘Jesus The Judge’.

God is going to judge whether we like it or not. A society and nation cannot get away with killing their babies without there being a consequence.

The judicial Christ is here and is coming.

Oh God forgive us for what we have done! Have mercy on us! Help us to fight against this evil in our land!

We repent of this great evil Lord Jesus, Yeshua.  Forgive us.

Help us to fear You oh Lord that they and we would KNOW that You are God.

Justice and Righteousness the foundation’s of Your throne.

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