Glenice Mills

A prophetic word by Glenice Mills. Australian Coordinator, Women’s Apostolic Alliance

There is a lot of hostility right now. Hostility comes in many forms – between two people, a group of people against one person, or a group against a group.

For example we are seeing this happening with the vaccine – the pressure to have it and the animosity against those who choose not to. Hostilities are also increasing among different members of the body of Christ because of doctrinal differences and offences.

Hostility means to oppose, to be unfriendly, to have enmity. Hostility is a state of warfare or acts of warfare, of being antagonistic, having animosity and showing ill will towards an enemy.

The Bible speaks a lot about divisions, strife, hostilities, dissensions, factions and disputes. It gives many examples of people warring against one another.

When there is hostility most people will react one of two ways.  Some will fight, often expressed in anger, frustration, coarse language and lashing out, that can be in a way that is out of character for that person.

Others will shut down feeling fear and intimidation, unable to express themselves. They internalize what they are feeling.

If we allow hostility to build we can have thoughts that lead to us building up a picture in our minds and seeing ourselves working out ways to pay those back for the hurt done to us. Some may want to pick a fight because they love to oppose. This is where we need to examine our own hearts, attitude, and fleshly reactions. Often there can be a warring within ourselves – knowing what we should do, and that can lead to us having a them and us mentality.

The enemy will push us and if we are not careful we will begin to have fanciful thinking, and lose reality. The circumstances blow out of all proportion. This can lead to deception.

We need to deal with our own sin and reactions and release the burden of them to the Lord. When we do this we will regain a true perspective and sense of reality, seeing things as the Lord sees them. The result is peace of mind and heart.

If we are truly obedient we will be quiet, seek the Lord’s will, and get His understanding and perspective from His higher Kingdom way.

The greatest challenge in this hour is to look at the way we deal with issues. If we are to come into greater maturity, we must first be mature in the way we handle and deal with change. We are living this right now in this hour.

When change comes, choices must be made and decisions taken. Our heart attitude must be one of letting go the old and embracing the new, to usher in the transition and the new way.

We need to stay close to Him like never before. It is a hostile world out there right now.

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