Belinda Jabore

A thought provoking word by Belinda Jabore, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance.

Wow! Our CREATOR who is In the Heavens.

Let’s just think on these things.

Thousands of galaxies beyond – the universe : dictionary meaning; everything that exists, especially all matter, including stars, planets, galaxies in space.

Who knows and who can fathom until we get to go there and see it.

We see glimpses of Heaven.

Our Creator.  He designed it all. The Heavens and the Universe.

He Is Father, Son, Holy Spirit the Trinity as one.

Nothing was made except through His word.

He made the Heavens.

We are allowed to have an intimate relationship with Him, and be able to speak with Him who lives in the Heavens.

WOW! mind blowing!

Just meditate, let your mind run wild and think on these things.

Selah …


One who is seated on the throne who we can talk too intimately.

Revelation talks about the Father, our King, seated Upon the throne. Rev 4:3 -6 (One New Man Bible)

An appearance like jasper and sardius stone. And a rainbow, like an emerald in appearance, surrounded the throne.

I would imagine that would have so many different varieties of colour as jasper and sardius stones do when you look at them. There will be colours and shapes we have never seen before.

Mind blinding, light radiating out from Him and the throne, the brightness and infinite power of our wonderful Father, King of the Universe in the Heavens.

Lightning’s and voices and thunders going out from the throne, and in front of the throne seven lamps of fire were burning, which are the seven Spirits of God, and in front of the throne a sea of glass, like crystal.

WOW! Can you imagine the power that would create, and the blinding light.

I try to look at the sun in the afternoon just a spit second to try to imagine being in the Heavens and seeing Him.

Even the brightness of the sun at sunset is but a glimpse of his power. Try looking at the sun in the afternoon. It’s impossible and you can only look for but a second (safely), as it is too powerful to bear.

His Heavens with all the unimaginable things we have never seen:  the colours, fragrances, the sounds, and the feeling of His power in the Heavens.

Wow! I guess we won’t truly know until we get to see what it truly looks like. Some have already experienced this in visions.

We can meditate, Selah and think about this when we pray the Lord’s prayer.

WOW! It is mind blowing for us that our Father who is in the Heavens speaks with us and to us, and wants a deep intimate relationship with us.


Recognising His role as Creator and King of the Universe we need in every prayer to acknowledge Him, to praise Him, to give Him all the glory. Prayers of the Pharisees used this phrase, which is Sh’ba shamayim in Hebrew.

Ps. 115:16 says: As for the heavens, the heavens are the LORD’s, but the earth He has given to mankind.’

One New Man Bible Revealing Jewish Roots and Power, page 1756

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