Belinda Jabore

An insightful poem by Belinda Jabore, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance

I was searching for the Lord this January day.

I just had to find Him and be with Him.

He showed me all of His magnificence, the vastness of the countryside.

The beauty and magnificence of the mountains how wide and high.

The powerful sun beating down through the trees and the mountains like rays of hope, giving me hope in my heart, magnificent.

The sound of thousands of leaves praising Your name, they sing a melody to You.

It is a sound that lifts my heart as I know You are near.

Yet still I search for You.

Every where I look Your beauty and magnificence is. But where are You? !!

I’m driving all day long road upon road, mountain upon mountain, hours upon hours.

I see Your beautiful creation all around, but I cannot find You.

Oh I long for You; my spirit, soul and body ache for your company.

I stop here, I stop there.

You have been here but where are You now?

Oh how the landscapes express Your magnificence.

I will wait for You all day long, Oh Lord how I love You.

I said to my husband, I am not happy, yet that is not fair to him, as I am not happy unless I am with You Lord Jesus’Yeshua.

You Lord are my happiness and joy and no other human being should carry that.

No one else satisfies and gives me happiness and joy like You Lord.

If I am not pleasing and doing what’s required of your statues and commandments, I am not happy- I am only happy and joyful when I am fully in Your will, plan and purpose.

I am not complete unless I am in Your will.

Teach me oh Lord to follow Your decrees, that I might keep them till the end.

Give me understanding and I will seek Your law and obey it with all my heart.

Teach me to number my days, so I can do all that is required of me in the land.

I know time is short, help me to discover myself in You and as You see me.

Who am I really?

After I searched the countryside, stopping at many places, I went down to the seaside.

Waves on dusk crashing and rolling in.

Crashing on the rocks the water forming a dance up in the air, smashing into the air, reminds me of how my life needs to be smashed on the rock. The rock of You Jesus.

To become what I need to become.

Oh the sound of the waves pounding and soothing my soul.

You have been here too, yet still I can’t find You; and still my heart aches for You.

The pure magnificence and reflections of You, I see the gentle strength in the waves reflections of You.

You gave the command to stop the waves at this point and to go no further, WOW!

The sound of the waves if you listen closely enough sounds like the roar of heaven, and I feel so close to You.

It’s dark now and I look at the stars. You have scattered them according to their order and place. Again Your arrangements of architecture sooth my soul, spirit and heart, Psalm 130 describes it all.

Then You draw me to the explosions of Your heart towards me.

As I gaze to the south a lightning display hidden amongst the clouds, exploding and displaying the brilliance of light throughout the heavens above.

Filling my heart with hope, joy, peace and an awe of You.

There I was in my car lightly sleeping looking back and forth at the stars hearing the sound of the sea and then looking towards Your lightning display of Your heart to the South.

It was then that You showed me that You had been with me all the time.

I felt at peace so grateful that You had shown me Your love and so glad that You were with me.

As I went homeward I realised how exhausted I was but my soul, spirit and heart were satisfied at long last.

As I fell into bed I knew that You had been there all along, with me.

Goodnight Lord how I love You.

I believe as we walk with God and pursue Him we go into greater intimacy levels of salvation with Him.

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