Patricia Usiobaifo

A prophetic word for this time by Patricia Usiabaifo, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance 

As Australians we are known to be courageous and bold in war, prepared to give all, and fight at all costs, defending our freedoms, families, friends, and nation to the end. We have a fighting spirit, a reputation for not backing down from any fight that is admirable. We would rather die fighting than willingly surrender. As a nation we pride ourselves on the exploits of the Anzacs, the Light Horsemen, and all those who served their country well, both past and present, and rightly so.

As a church, as the body of Christ, we are also called to fight.

We train for battle. We go to war in order to resist the enemy, false religions, doctrine and teachings, to resist evil, even to resist our own flesh. We attempt to war against anything and everything that is not of God, and as a result we are often tired, weary from the battle, and even wounded.

I believe we are not required to pursue an improved battle plan, a new strategy, to take a new battle stance. I believe we are currently graced to perfect the art of surrender.

We are being required to surrender every aspect of our lives and our being to God – our motives, relationships, finances, ambitions, mind, will, emotions, flesh  – everything in its entirety.

When we surrender our body, soul and spirit to God then the enemy can find nothing in us but Christ.

On the other hand in whatever areas we resist God, in those same areas we inadvertently surrender to the enemy. If we are not conformed to the image of Christ then be assured we are being conformed to the image of satan.

No one has the strength or the energy to fight all day everyday, and yet the moment we cease to resist we give ground.

I sense it is a time to remember that “the battle belongs to the Lord” and I believe His word to us, His assurance in this season is ‘that there is true freedom in surrender!”

Be blessed!

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