Julie Collins

Thought-provoking poem by Julie Collins, Women’s Apostolic Alliance Member

I’m just waiting on a plane,  Let your glory fall again, 

As I sit here resting Lord, let your wings come cover me.

Let your breath fill my lungs, let your blood flood in my veins, 

God, words can never be enough.  

You are my dream my hearts desire, nothing else can hold me still.  

If I would walk a thousand miles where could I find such value Lord?

If I could sing a thousand songs still my praise would empty be.

You Oh God are God, 

You Oh Lord are glorious.

A symphony without corruption, an orchestra with your thoughts weaving through my spirit, my being and through everything that is.  

The greatest composer that ever will be.

You are the inspiration of life, light and hope, of movement, of joy of faithfulness.

You are a wave crashing upon me, and yet the stillness of the dawn before it awakens.  

Oh Mighty Lord let your glory cover this earth, like the kisses of a baby,  like the nurture of a mother, like the strength of a Father… let us delight in you today!

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