Lynne Hamilton

Poem by Apostle Lynne Hamilton, Founder and Leader of Women’s Apostolic Alliance

Deeply personal and reflective poem written by Lynne on her 50th  birthday in 1999. It outlines her struggle to settle in Australia, until  Jesus changes everything!

On turning 50, looking back, I’m seeing what I must

In order to be able to make a forward thrust

Not turning back, you understand, but learning from my past

What lessons I must comprehend to live a love that lasts

Goodbye Merry England, farewell dear mum and dad

I’ll come back soon I promise – I’ll bring the baby back

Yes one day I’ll be home again when the trouble isn’t there

And then we’ll be together, when I leave Australia

Best foot forward, looking back,I just got swept along

In my ex husband’s ‘circumstance’ – was that where I went wrong?

What did I do, what could I do, and what must I do now?

I miss my dad, I miss my mum. It’ll be ok , somehow

First baby born. All by myself for that, I named him Scott

First grandchild, must send photographs – I did, I sent a lot

Not that his father wasn’t there, he was, just not for me

A different lifestyle changed his soul. Australia – some country!

Didn’t go back, couldn’t, cause my parents fell apart

Just when I was ready to make a brand new start

My mum and sisters all came here, my dad and brother stayed

We hardly know our brother now. A bitter price was paid!

What have I gone and started? Am I the one to blame?

For other people’s misery – we’ll never be the same

My father, he has photographs, a letter here and there

To satisfy his aching heart for children – in Australia

I met God here, I guess that must be why I had to come

Doesn’t God visit England? But anyway, it’s done

So now what of my Father God – He knows a father’s pain

He sends His love, day after day. “Dear dad – get born again!”

Dear Lancashire, place of my birth, do you remember me?

You’re where I had a rock band and left home at age sixteen

With dreams and schemes, to travel, things to see, become a ‘star’

I landed in Australia – I didn’t mean that far!

But twinkle twinkle, here I am, a gleam in dear God’s eye

A focus in His strategy, He won’t let my dreams die

I can’t go back, it’s too late now, I’m caught up in my life

My baby’s grown to six foot two – he’s nearly got a wife

My youngest one, guess where Brett wants to move, and one day soon?

Look out Merry England – oh you’re farther than the moon!

Can’t let him go. Shan’t let him go! He mustn’t do that to me

Kids! They always want to go as far as they can see

So now what of my life? A Christian Minister, no less

And born for such a time as this – God rearranged my mess

He’s good at that, and so much more, and now I understand

Australia Fair – He took me there – He brought me to this land

I’m glad He’s got the plan for me, a purpose to achieve

Cos all’s not fair in love and war, and so we must believe

He knows exactly what to do. It’s Him we live to please

So no regrets, I’ll give my best. He gave His best for me

On turning 50, looking good, at least that’s what I’m told

I always knew I’d do much more than grow up and grow old

My family are in God’s sweet hands, my destiny under way

Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s unclear, I’ve only got today

That’s just enough for me to know, it keeps me on my toes

So show me Jesus where You are, and where I am to go

I’ll name Your Name, I’ll sing Your praise, You’ve made my life a song

A tribute to Your mercy – You’ve been with me, all along

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