Julie Collins

A prophetic word by Julie Collins, Women’s Apostolic Alliance Member

Proverbs 10:29-31 There are three things which go well yes four that are attractive in movement… A lion which is strongest among beasts and turns not away for any, a greyhound a male goat and a king against whom there is no rising up.

As I considered this passage I was thinking about these creatures, the lion is majestic in presence and attitude, he commands and it is done.  He doesn’t rant and rave he doesn’t need to.  He knows his purpose and doesn’t waste energy, the saying “don’t sweat the little things” reminds me of the lion.  The lionesses will bring to him what is needed, he rules and the animals fear him, because when he is roused the full force of his power is felt.   

The greyhound, he is focused and runs till the end, nothing will sway him. He is not competitive. It is the prize he is after.  The end goal.  I have had two cocker spaniels and both of them loved shining torchlight on the ground.  They would keep their nose to it, and eyes on it following wherever it went.  

A male goat – he knows what he wants, that is the highest point.  Driving round our region there is one male goat I notice.  He is big and tall and is always perched upon a hill.  He is sure footed and stubborn for what matters to him.

Finally a King who has his army and people in order and peace.

Do we display these attitudes in our life? Do we know our purpose and where we fit?  Do we sweat the little things or rise above?  Do we get stirred up for the significant things that matter?  When we speak do we speak with authority (roar) or do we waste our words and energy?

Are we focused, undeterred, running to gain the prize as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 9:24?  Not competing with each other?  Single eyed?  Do we run well and persevere or do we tire?  Will we finish or stop short?

Do we like the goat stay stubborn for the higher things, the things above not beneath?  Do we seek the path of righteousness?  Do we keep our feet firmly on the rock?

As leaders of people and our own lives are we in Godly order, are we really at peace with God and each other?  God considers unity with each other of paramount importance.  John 17 in the garden Jesus prayed we would be one with each other as He was with the Father.

1 Corinthians 14:10 talks about how things are in order in the meetings but in the beginning there was chaos. The Hebrew word for darkness was chaos and God spoke order.  There was Godly order brought to the tribes in the wilderness, Ezekiel gives us Godly order in the temple description, and God gave Godly order for the church today.  

Let’s seek the Lord that we too would go in an attractive manner.  

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