Perspective – A Word from Patricia Usiobaifo

Sometimes we are so focused on the restraints and obstacles that we are facing in life that we lose sight of the prize. We lose sight of the very thing that captured and inspired us, the very thing that made us motivated, determined, passionate, and resolute in our walk.

We begin to focus on the next step and every detail that entails, and before we realize it we have placed ourselves in a micro existence so to speak. We begin to be downward focused instead of looking at the horizon. It has its positives in that you feel you are sure footed, but it has its negatives too in that you lose sight of your destination and any true  indicator of the distance traveled. You lose sight of what it is you are fighting for, straining toward, and pursuing.

 If we believe in God, then there is no finish line, there is no end destination, there is only  eternity. We have  to exist and focus now and every day as if we would when we “arrive” in Heaven, in the presence of God, in eternity!!!  

We have to start focusing on the beauty and majesty of a living God, despite our circumstances, our situations, our journey, relationships, our health, finances, etc. etc.etc.

It’s time to focus on Him. It is in the adoration and worship of a Holy God that all else will diminish and fall away, then we will stop practicing for eternity and instead enter into it purposefully.

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