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We had an amazing night with all of us being challenged, but also feeling the powerful, tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. All of us were impacted. The Lord showed me it was a Part 1 of something He is birthing in many at this time, and He had much He wanted to continue doing. I know it will flow on at our next meeting to be held on Monday 23rd May.

Our evening was a prophetic night where four prophets spoke what God is doing at this time. All the prophets who shared are mature, commissioned prophets and ministers trained up under Apostle Lynne Hamilton. None of the prophets had conferred with one another however there was a strong theme through all the words.

I think we can all attest to the fact that the enemy’s schemes are in our faces right now. He is no longer subtle but rather out there for us all to see.

We at WAA are based on the Gold Coast and the temple church of satan were here this weekend invoking their curses at a local arts centre precinct (I won’t put their names in capital letters).

This evening was also a teaching opportunity where the women witnessed the unique way He speaks through His prophets. Each prophet was so different, but they all carried His heart and His burden for His people, and what is happening in this hour.

There was an urgency and warning from each prophet that we need to stop mucking around and wasting time. We can’t paddle around in the shallow ends of the swimming pool. We have to take the plunge and dive into where it is uncomfortable, and where God wants us positioned so we are most effective.

Time is short!!!

Clare Tremeer spoke first. Clare has a call as a protection prophet and intercessor and carries a burden for the God Coast (Gold Coast). She shared how it is time for us to YIELD to Him, and to take up our cross and warfare as the enemy attack on our city, our families, and on us individually is vicious. We have to stand in the authority He has given us. Yielding to His leading and being prepared to fight is paramount at this time.

Belinda Jabore spoke next and shared the urgency for the church to ARISE at this time and to come into Godly order. Bella’s cry was that the apostles and prophets take their rightful position in the body of Christ and for their voices to be heard. She also emphasized the need for us to come into the One New Man with us embracing the importance of celebrating the Jewish feasts, such as Passover instead of easter.

Kim Rane then shared about her life as a prophet whose day-to-day life is a prophetic parable. She asked the Lord to show her His revelation using her five senses. The Lord has particularly highlighted her sense of smell at this time. The Lord forewarned showing her the enemy releasing his demonic arrows here on the coast. Kim is an urgent warning prophet and shared the church must wake up, and take action making a stand for what is right and true. It will cost many who take this stand with offences and divisions coming.

I spoke last with a warning word for Australia. The Lord reminded me of a prophetic word I shared back in January 2010 where the Lord spoke to me about the false spirits being released as an ungodly unity of the false idolatrous gods of religion and culture were invoked at the New Years Eve fireworks. I titled the word ‘Awaken the spirit, but which spirit’. This was a turning point in this nation where ungodly laws and greater racial and social prejudice and the spirits attached to this were unleashed.

The Lord spoke to me that this next season in this nation there would be INTENSE INSTABILITY, politically and economically.

The Lord then had me minister corporately and His power was released for us to walk in this season in His authority no matter the cost.

Every woman was impacted and we all went away with much to consider. All of us were challenged “Are we prepared to pay the cost?’

Now is the time for God’s people to be trained and equipped for the next season in Him, as time is short. We cannot waste time any longer. The battle is real!

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  1. That was great. I wish we had such a group here in Western Australia. I am a 76 year old senior pastor and I also run a daycare at the church. It’s hard to get the other pastors to gather together in out area to pray.

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