Lynne Hamilton

Prophetic dream and interpretation by Apostle Lynne Hamilton, founder and leader of Women’s Apostolic Alliance

I had a dream in which I was in a huge nightclub which had been turned into a church but still looked like a nightclub. The decor was mostly black.  There was an enormous bar up the back. I was sitting alone at this bar,  dressed in a wine coloured dress. There was one bartender serving who was plying me with drinks as much as I wanted. I was feeling happy.

Approximately 200 people were on the dance floor, dancing and going crazy towards the artist on the stage. By ‘crazy’ I mean they were yelling and screaming out requests and demands for him to sing and perform their favourite songs. None of them had a drink all night or during his performance. When I looked to see who the artist was, it was  Elvis Presley. He was dressed in his famous white rhinestone Las Vegas suit, doing all the famous moves we remember him for.

His interaction with the audience went as follows – people would shout out a demand for a particular song. He would then sing it and the crowd would go wild. This repeated a number of times, with the crowd becoming increasingly excited each time. I noticed though that after each song  Elvis would shrink somewhat in size until by the end of the show he was miniature – about the size of a dashboard figurine! I wondered what this meant?

He announced that he would perform one last song, but he would be choosing it. He appealed to everyone to take it seriously because it would represent his desire and would be their most important key to life after he would leave. He then sang ‘Love Me Tender’, with all his heart and tears in his eyes, as the crowd murmured because they had wanted something different.

He then left the stage – to no applause – just silent disappointment. Then he LEFT THE BUILDING.


Nightclub building = modern day entertainment centred church

Black Decor = sinful condition

Enormous bar at rear = plenty of drink available, but you had to go get it

Bartender = Holy Spirit

Wine coloured dress = clothed in new wine

Crowd = immature prophetic movement

Elvis Presley = The King (Jesus)

Elvis Presley was revered and idolised during his life on earth. His adoring fans called him The King. He holds this same status today.

The 200 strong crowd, representing the immature church/prophetic movement were loud in their demands of him and presumptuous to command him. This speaks of how the immature can treat the Lord Jesus if they engage Him in declaration and decree. He was gracious for a long time in granting their demands, performing that which they desired. The result of this grace was that He gradually diminished in their esteem and respect. Notice that none of them were drinking from the ministry of the  Holy Ghost or replenishing and refilling their spirit, hence their environment was still dark.

His final song ‘Love Me Tender’ was His instruction to them regarding how they should relate to Him. So far they had demanded He perform even though they were not properly worshipping Him.

He told them He required their love. They fell silent at this song and He left their presence, and ultimately the building (their meeting place).

I was allowed to be an onlooker (in my prophetic role) and watched from the bar where the ministry of the Holy Spirit was flowing. I was filled and could see clearly.

I believe this is a cautionary dream urging us to be careful with declaration and decree.

When done outside of Holy Spirit initiative, and coming from our flesh or simply our zeal and excitement, our appreciation of the Lord decreases over time as we seek what He can perform more than loving Him for Himself alone.

So in the words of our Great King (via Elvis)

Love Me Tender, Love Me Sweet

Never Let Me Go

You Have Made My Life Complete

And I Love You So

Love Me Tender, Love Me True

All My Dreams Fulfil

For My Darling I Love You

And I always will

Love Him Tender – Do We?

Lynne Hamilton

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