Lynn B. Fowler

A prophetic teaching by Lynn Fowler, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance

The ancient Israelites loved their lists, and the books of Chronicles include many of them. 1 Chron 27: 25-31 is one of those lists, detailing the various overseers under King David’s rule, and the specific area of responsibility of each – everything from fields and vineyards to camels and donkeys

Verse 32 lists some of the King’s counsellors, then verse 33 declares: “and Hushai the Archite was the king’s friend.” (World English Bible)

What a wonderful statement! All these men are noted for their positions, responsibilities, and authority, but here is one man who is not noted as having any official position, yet is included as being every bit as important as any of them. 

All the others were important to the running of the kingdom; but it is doubtful that any of them had a close personal relationship with David. He would have consulted with all of them about their individual areas of responsibility on a regular basis; but it is highly unlikely that he would have shared his heart with any of them. Each would have known exactly how the king wanted his particular area run, and would probably have had a good idea of how he wanted the kingdom as a whole run; but they would not have had a clue what “made him tick” as a person. But his friend did. 

This makes me think about our relationship with the Lord. Many people want positions of authority in the Kingdom. Many want to be recognised for their particular area of responsibility. Many even want to say, “Jesus is my friend.”

But how many want to be His friend? 

Friends spend time with each other, building the relationship. They recognise that friendship is not a “set and forget” proposition, but that it requires work on an ongoing basis. Do you put in the effort to be God’s friend? Or are you more interested in what God can give you, what He can do for you, than what you can offer Him or do for Him? Is your friendship with Him a two-way street, or is it all one-sided? (In asking these questions I totally recognise that, ultimately, there is nothing we can give to God other than our love, obedience and surrender.)

Friends are dependable. If they say they will do something, they do it. If they make a promise, they keep it. We know that God is absolutely dependable in His dealings with us. All His promises are “Yes and Amen”. (2 Cor. 1:20) But how dependable are we in our dealing with Him? Do we follow through on our commitments to Him?

Friends listen. They are not always talking about their own problems or pushing their own agendas. And they don’t just want small talk, or formal conversations (“please pass the salt”). Friends are willing to be quiet long enough to really hear their friend’s heart. Do you listen – really listen – to God? Or are you too busy telling Him what you need, and what your neighbour needs, and what the world needs, and what He should do to fix all these problems to actually hear His heart for the situations?

Friends are there for the long haul, and for the hard haul. Friends don’t run away when things get tough. They don’t go off somewhere else if their friend doesn’t do what they wanted. Often God does not answer our prayers the way we want. When that happens, are we true friends who will stay with Him anyway, or are we “fair weather friends” who will give up and walk away?

It would be incorrect to say God “needs” friends. God does not need anything. A need means there is a lack, and a lack means that the one lacking is not perfect – but God is perfect in every way. He does, however, want friends. He demonstrated that by creating mankind in His own image. I believe that today He is challenging us: don’t just ask Jesus to be your friend, but make the effort to be a friend to Him.

Hushai was King David’s friend: a higher position than any of those listed as overseers in the kingdom. How much greater a calling to be a friend to the King of Kings! Will you take up that calling?

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