Clare Tremeer

Prophetic word by Clare Tremeer, Women’s Apostolic Alliance member

The Lord was talking to me whilst I was mowing the lawn… that is a prophetic picture in itself. Mowing down the grass and weeds to keep the garden healthy and in order. Quite apart from simply keeping a clear unobstructed path to the car! The moral of this – don’t let the  grass and weeds take over and block your path!

But the Lord’s main cry that kept resounding was about mother’s and how so many have received tears, wounds and even death blows to their hearts, by dare I say… their own children and the way they speak to them!

So often a mother nurtures, feeds, comforts, helps and provides for  every need. To prepare the offspring of her womb to go out into the world, strong and full of courage, hope and equipped  to engage their new life. Some may not achieve this as well as others,  but I do not believe any mother seeks to set her children up to fail. As the power of her heart and love is to see her children succeed, and do infinitely better in life than she did.

There are of course many battles along the way and her children may battle her, as they resist her wisdom and clear direction. If we are truly honest, most of us would have resisted at some point our mother’s wisdom. Most often, if we couldn’t see any reason  for it… or at least questioned it. I know I did!

However this is part of the process and normally didn’t diminish our relationship and definitely when we encountered our own defiant toddler or teenager our thoughts often flowed… thank God my mother didn’t kill me, but loved me through it!

This is my point… mother’s love their children THROUGH into safety  and then let them go, to engage their destiny and fight their own  battles. Then they watch from the distance and if they are wise, they  WATCH and PRAY and resist the temptation to “go there”…. unless the Holy Spirit instructs.

I am of course talking about Spirit filled Christian mothers. The issue the Lord has, is how He loves these mothers. How He hates to see their  precious hearts wounded, torn and the sorrow that ensues from supposedly Christian children, who verbally hit back,  swear at and dishonor their mother’s without a blink and without compassion.

Yes, we know that young ones are just that… young. But what about those who continue and it is not just a one off? Where is the  repentance and godly sorrow that should follow? Where is the respect for the one who gives and gives, and so does not deserve  such treatment. The cutting off and worst of all, the withholding of  the grandchildren… the punishment for her daring to warn or simply  to have another opinion. This weaponizing of the grandchildren is especially abhorrent to God and must cease!

As well we know, no one is perfect, but I do believe that God Himself is looking down over His church and His families and He is horrified at the treatment He sees. Yes, of course mother’s can be out of order, but is there not a “right way” to speak to an older  woman, especially if she is your mother?

This is in no way a rant, but something I am seeing across the  generations and I say, “shame on you” to those who think it is ok to  reprimand a mother who has been helping, serving and selflessly supporting you!

The Lord is talking about “Mothers scorned”. This is open dislike, disrespect, derision, mockery and disdain. Of course the Lord  hates such treatment of any person. He is calling for a return to the values of old and His Word, where the younger generation   respected their elders and agreed to disagree without violent words or attack.

Mother’s have precious hearts and can be most easily wounded by their offspring. An attack is always more painful when inflicted by one you have given birth to, resulting in a deep and emotionally devastating wound. Most mother’s have it deep in their nature  to forgive… but this should not be happening! God is appalled!

Jesus loved and respected His mother and even made sure she was taken care of by John as He was dying on the cross. So deep was His respect and love for her.

God is highlighting the issue of scorn.. .the open dislike and derision. No person, let alone a mother should be ridiculed, mocked, threatened  or left abandoned or unloved. That is not an act that aligns with the commandments and is a dangerous place to frequent.

The fifth commandment states that we are to honour our father and mother,  so we attain the promise, that all will go well and we will  live long on the earth. Of course mistakes are made but there is a disturbing trend to dismiss and put down elders in society today. Unfortunately we have been warned that love of self and  disobedience to parents will come in 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters,  proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.

God is calling this to our attention because it has reached His attention, and His Holy Spirit is grieved. Heaven help those who rail  against their mother if she is a prophet. As God so often uses a prophet  to reveal, warn and to prevent calamity. But how many of our offspring can or will even try to see their mother after the spirit?

I praise God for those who do, but for those who inflict pain and suffering by their words and refuse to repent, I know God is not  amused. This is a double edged sword for the mother who warns, so often  under the direction of the Holy Spirit, as she knows that  those who refuse to hear and heed will suffer the consequences… and all mother’s are grieved by that.

Proverbs 6:20

My son, keep they father’s commandments and forsake not the laws of the  mother. Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck. When thou goest, it shall lead thee, when thou sleepest it shall  keep thee, and when thou awakest, it shall  talk with thee.

God hates a forward mouth, a mouth full of disobedience and opposition. He tells us in Proverbs 6:12… “to put away from thee a forward mouth and perverse lips put far from thee”.

I believe God is judging this issue  and is looking for repentance and a new honouring of mother’s. Respect is inseparable from the honour due  to them.

So, I call all to listen, and for children of all ages to heed your mother. Tend and love them so your garden is in order. For then it will  go well with you and your mother will be at peace. This is pleasing to the Lord and He smiles upon it.

Be blessed and have ears to hear!

To those who have been hurt in this way, just know that God has seen and heard the cries of your heart and His comfort and love is holding and  healing you.

God wants tenderness for His mothers.

You deserve it, it is your right!

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