Glenice Mills / Leader Women’s Apostolic Alliance



Glenice Mills is current leader of Women’s Apostolic Alliance a ministry founded in 2010 by Apostle

Lynne Hamilton. She had previously served as Australian Coordinator for twelve years under Lynne.

Glenice was ordained and commissioned in 2004 with Forerunners International, a prophetic training base on the Gold Coast, Australia, also founded by Apostle Lynne in 1997. She served on the leadership team as a Leader of Prophetic Development from 2017, having previously ministered there in the capacity of pastoral care, healing and restoration, intercession, teaching, and training.

Glenice is a published author of several books and training manuals, and as an international itinerant minister has trained many in God’s prophetic heart for His people. Her personal journey and testimony is powerful and has prepared her for her role as leader of WAA. Her passion is to help women to come out from under religious constraints that have held them back from being who they are called to be.

Glenice is reliable, and has a warm, sensitive, perceptive understanding of women and the difficulties and hardships they have to endure. Her encouragement and wisdom have brought freedom and understanding to many. Needless to say, mentoring those called to be prophets is a big part of her anointing.

Glenice is now a member of Lynne Hamilton’s Ministers Co-operativ.


Glenice MillsGlenice Mills is current leader of Women’s Apostolic Alliance a ministry founded in 2010 by Apostle Lynne Hamilton. She had previously served as Australian Coordinator for twelve years under Lynne

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Lynne Hamilton

Apostle Dr Lynne Hamilton is the Founder of Forerunners International Network and Womens’ Apostolic Alliance, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, since 1996.

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Margaret Ochsner

Margaret Ochsner is a true fivefold Pastor and gifted teacher. She is passionate to see people set free from past wounds and bondages to come into freedom, the purpose they were created for, and their destiny in God.

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Belinda Jabore

Belinda is an ordained fivefold Prophet. She has trained extensively under the leadership of Apostle Dr Lynne Hamilton for over 20 years and operates powerfully in a breakthrough anointing 

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Lynn Fowler is an apostle/prophet based in Victoria. The day she was born again the Lord called her to preach, and she has been doing so since mid-1975. 

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Ruth Paddon

Ruth Paddon is an Australian Apostle and Prophet called internationally to teach and train the saints. She has travelled extensively throughout the world with a heart to train people to find God’s plans 

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Patricia Usiobaifo is an ordained Prophet with a passion for Africa and indigenous people groups. Having ministered throughout Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa and Vanuatu she is equipped to 

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Clare Tremeer

Clare Tremeer has functioned as a Prophet and Prophetic Intercessor for over 20 years. She specializes in the areas of church, city and business protection and as a city watchman and personal intercessor for businesses and church leaders 

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09 - Carol

Carol Meyer is a fivefold Prophet in training with devotion to see her local Gold Coast region turned to God. Her prophetic gift enables her to operate powerfully as both an Intercessor and a trained healing

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10 - Leanne

Leanne is a commissioned five fold Evangelist that operates prophetically to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. She has a passion to see others come into freedom through Jesus and actively engages with people of all ages, 

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11 - Kim Rane

Kim Rane is a seasonal warning prophet in training and a trophy of God’s grace, having been delivered from every kind of abuse, abandonment, homelessness, addiction, prison and a traumatic fall from grace which left her 

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12 - Julie Collins

Pastor Julie Collins is in the season of a Prophet.  God called her in 1994 to be a voice for Him.  She is passionate about people directly connecting to God and hearing His voice.  Julie is a strong teacher of the scriptures and has a passion for justice.

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13 - Katie Dunstan

Katie Dunstan is an Ordained Minister, and a commissioned Apostle through ARC Global Apostolic Community, aligned with Harvest International Ministry. She functions as a prophetic voice to the Body of Christ. A National and International Speaker 

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16 - Dianne Daly

Dianne Daly has been called and stationed by God as a prophet with a passion to see God’s people walk in the freedom that Jesus Christ purchased at cavalry. She has operated as an apostolic itinerant minister for over 20 years, coming alongside leaders 

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Jane Soreh

Jane has been in God’s full-time service since resigning from her teaching career in 1995. She co-pastors a church with her husband and is used powerfully to proclaim prophetic messages to prepare the Body of Christ for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Patty Chegg

I was born in Madang, Papua New Guinea, and due to my parents’ faith in God, I got to know about God at a very young age. I loved the biblical stories that I read about, from Jesus’ crucifixion to His Resurrection, the whole event just gripped

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Sharmaine is an ordained Apostle with a clarion call to the nations. She has ministered throughout South Africa, New Zealand and Australia for over 25 years, bringing the culture of the kingdom of God to the body of Christ, establishing order 

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