Patricia Usiobaifo

Poem by Patricia Usiobaifo, Women’s Apostolic Alliance member

This poem was written after sharing a meal and precious time with my  Apostle. I honour her for the voice of wisdom she has been throughout my  life; (merely one of her expressions of God to me).

Wisdom sits across from me at the table,

I lean in listening intently, gleaning whatever I am able

Wishing there were many more moments like this ; where I could sit, soaking in the vast experience of her years.

We talk, we laugh, but  mostly I listen,

Acutely aware of my own life decisions,

They have at least brought me here to this time and place,

Where I can share in God’s love, His wisdom and grace.

Wisdom has led me through much of my life,

I have rejoiced at her victories and prayed through her strife

I am eternally grateful for her obedience to God; for the sacrifices, faith, the numerous paths trod.

I have watched, listened, learned along the way

From her responses, her corrections, the things she does or does not say.

I have gained much more than silver or gold, as I have witnessed just a glimpse of her ministry and life unfold.

The treasures I have gleaned  are invaluable, priceless, beyond measure

as I witness  character, integrity, a life that brings God pleasure.

I am eternally grateful for wisdom, for she has proven time and time again,

That throughout our many years and experiences together as my leader,

she is also a true friend.

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