Clare Tremeer

Prophetic call to greater intimacy with God, by Prophet Clare Tremeer, Women’s Apostolic Alliance member

Adversity is the great tenderizer of the heart… selah!

Do you hear the call of the Spirit?

He woos us once again, to come closer. To dive in deep, once again. Whatever level we have reached, there is a depth that we have not encountered yet.

“Come, come to Me” He calls, “even if it is only a whisper you hear… turn, turn back!”

For the Spirit calls to those that are His.

“Leave your idols, leave your fears… come back to Me. Lay down  your self reliance and the subtle whisper of your soul that keeps you away from Me.

I long for a fresh embrace with you, My child. I am always with you, but have you let go of Me?

Return and let our love burn once more… I long for you to surrender all.

Come away with Me once again, for I am your safety in the darkness that creeps, slowly creeps over the world.

Choose, choose wisely My beloved. For I call you into the depths of My love.”

Let us return to the sweetness of our first and beautiful surrender…

“Let Me love you again…”

LET JOY ARISE as we become one in the fire of freedom, and purity will come and conquer a deceived heart.

“Return and delight in Me and you will see with fresh eyes the beauty of your life hidden in Me. Victory awaits and calls you on.

Come, come back to Me!

You will see your need of Me and I will renew a right and soft heart within you.

For without My heart, you will be led astray… more of My heart  is the answer for the days ahead.

When our hearts are completely one,  then you will know My peace and My power. Come, do you want a new heart? My heart? For only My heart will suffice  and rule over this present darkness.

Take My hand again and run with  Me…

Let Me remove the stones of your heart.

Let My heart burn into yours and revive you… sweet victory awaits!”

God woos and calls us. 

Like a lover, He longs for us to return. To lay down our self reliance and let our hearts be entwined in His.

So much vies for our attention.  So many things distract us and we make Him wait.

How often we make Him wait?

So often we think He has forsaken us, but… are we not the ones  that turn away from Him? So often we do not even realize that we have stepped off the path that He prepared for us. 

But His mercy and patience prevail and He draws us, ever onward into His higher ways, to secure us and to prepare us for all  that is coming. His great love covers and hides us so that we will  survive the shakings that are coming.

He cries to us to prepare! To stand! To have direction! To persist and persevere!

“Have courage My precious ones”, He cries. “Stand firm, for I am  removing all that is imperfect, sinful and perverse. My hand will hold  you, so the winds of deception and lies will not undermine you.

You are courageous and I call you on, to stand in steadiness, unmoved and resolute in truth. Make the right choices, do not waver or  doubt. I make you ready for the changes. They will not overthrow you but  strengthen you in body and mind. Then you will  be ready for the shakings that are coming to the world.

My love will always hold you and keep you in My hand. 

Heed My Word always, for it is My love to you… selah!”

“And this word. Yet once more signifieth the removing of  those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

Wherefore we receiving a Kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have  grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly  fear.” – Hebrews 12:27-28.

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