Ruth Paddon

A reminder of God’s promises to us by Ruth Paddon, Women’s Apostolic Alliance member

I reflected on God’s faithfulness this week as once again He treated me to His goodness. I had my heart set on a particular panel design with leaves carved into the bamboo for my new deck. However, buying 5 panels would be very expensive and I shelved the idea and settled for my old lattice work. God gently prompted me to go back to the shop and I obediently went and looked at the panels I desired. I was standing looking at them when the manager of the section just happened to come along and notice some mould on the panels. He said to me as I looked at them that he couldn’t sell them like that. I said I liked them and next minute he had reduced them half price. I felt like a million dollars had been given to me as God had met my needs and budget. He cares about the little details of our lives.

How often He performs little miracles and provides treats for us that only a Father could! If I had ignored His gentle voice and let my fear of lack of finances dictate my actions I would have missed a blessing. The voice of reason in our self talk can block out the Holy Spirit’s gentle voice.

I know I have missed His voice many times when I have rushed into spending because of a fear of missing out. The fruit of Patience in budgeting is essential and will be needed even more so as our economy in the world deteriorates. We will be relying on a supernatural supply system coming from another kingdom.

He is training us to break all our fear mindsets by expecting good things from our heavenly Father. He will never see the righteous lacking bread. Many philanthropists follow the biblical principle of outrageous giving. “As we cast our bread upon the waters it will come back, after many days.” That verse in Ecclesiastes 11:1 illustrates a truth that as we give our resources, including our money and let go of fear of lack we can release a freedom to our finances. The waters can represent the sea of humanity and fields to sow into. So when we feel prompted we can cast out our bread or seed. We don’t do it for a return but know there is blessing in obedience. The greatest blessing is peace and knowing God is pleased with you. We also know the wisdom of sowing into a fertile field that will yield 100 fold rather than a sparse return. Most of the early church gave into the needs of the kingdom and allowed the Apostles to supervise the planting of the seeds.

Personally I have noticed that some people always lack resources and struggle to pay their bills. I feel sad for them because even when I have nothing I am rich. God always comes through in my times of need. He showed me it was because I trusted Him like a child and delighted in His small gifts of provision. The gifts kept increasing as I was grateful and stepped out in faith.

The more we follow biblical principles especially from our Jewish heritage, we will see his blessing in our finances. Firstly, we could learn the principles of giving  to our spiritual leader, our church and finally to God as an offering. It’s only our free will offering that God can bless as the tithe and first fruits are our giving back God’s money to Him. I love the verse that tells us it’s God that gives us the ability to get wealth or earn money. Those of us who have had generous hearted and obedient ancestors will find a natural blessing flowing on to us. What a heritage to leave somebody! The Lord loves a generous giver but despises a fearful mean attitude which brings poverty.

The bible mentions much increase from sowing and reaping. As we freely receive we freely give. As we freely give we receive more seed.

Let’s ask for a revelation of our financial heritage from God and expect to receive and be trusted with more seed to sow into His kingdom. Fear will disappear as we become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and worship Him with our finances. I’m up for the journey, are you?

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