Introduction to An Evening with Sue Baynes

We are privileged to have Sue Baynes share at our WAA Event this evening. An ordained Pastor, Sue has served in Christian ministry on the Gold Coast for 25 years, 12 as the Lead Pastor of a local Church. She has emerged as an Apostolic leader in her home city, working with Mayor Tom Tate […]

Indifference – The Sin of Indifference


INDIFFERENCE – THE SIN OF INDIFFERENCE Glenice Mills 12th February 2023   Indifference is one of the most dangerous attitudes that can subtly come in, deceive, and derail us from God’s plan and purpose for our lives. What is the meaning of indifference? It is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, concern, or sympathy, being detached […]

Come in to the Ark – Lynne Fowler

COME IN TO THE ARK Last night I attended a service at a church where I visit from time to time, in addition to my normal fellowship. It was a time of intense worship, and the tangible presence of the Lord was awesome. At one point the pastor leading the meeting said something about pressing […]

WHO IS THIS GOD THAT WE SERVE? – A Word from Leanne Christian

10 - Leanne

  I recently read a prophetic word from a young up and coming prophetic leader. In the word he wrote, God had spoken about ‘bringing His church back to doing things how He originally wanted them to do things’ I have pondered on this for some time as it was not the first time I […]

Our Evening with Diane Pearce

What a powerful night! It was so special to have Apostle Diane Pearce come and share with us. There is something very valuable when a mature woman in God, such as Diane, shares their journey of trials, difficulties, and their personal victories that inspires, and encourages. We were blessed to hear some of Diane’s life […]