Stand with Israel and the Jewish People – Belinda Jabore – Prophet

A prophetic word by Belinda Jabore, a member of Women’s Apostolic Alliance


As I was praying and interceding I had a strong sense, and saw there is a sorting going on between nations: those for, and those not for Israel – who are going against Israel and the Jewish people – God’s people.


There has been a releasing, and a change in the spirit that has been allowed by God’s for His judgement to come upon those who stand against Israel and the Jewish people.


For example there will be more:


Earthquakes, Tsunami’s

Extreme weather destroying regions in nations.

Nuclear threats and attacks.

Unleashing of diseases (plagues)

Violent random attacks killing many.


America is on the radar with God’s judgement coming.


Famous preacher Billy Graham often quoted his wife, saying:

“If God does not punish America He would have to apologise for Sodom and Gomorrah “


The nations and regions that are standing with Israel will be safe, along with those who know Me.


Unfortunately however, when God judges a nation or region, as His people, we have to stand in the outpouring and effects of God’s judgment, holding on, and standing our ground in Him, Jesus Y’shua.


It will take people by surprise, and everyone will be shocked at the nations and regions that are targeted.

It will be made abundantly clear who stands with whom. There has been a line drawn in the sand.

I am looking at who is aligning and standing alongside Israel, and the needs of the Jewish people, especially in the hard times.


We must not be silent!

It’s easy to stand with someone when it’s good.

It takes guts and determination to stand with those in difficult circumstances.


Scripture says:


“Israel is the apple of My eye.”

Those who touch her will be dealt with according to My will.

Those who bless you (Israel) will be blessed.

Those who curse you (Israel) will be cursed.


Genesis 12:3 Complete Jewish Bible


I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you;

And by you all the families of the earth will be blessed”


Numbers 24:9


Why do I tell you this?

“So that you will KNOW that I AM GOD“

“Repent and turn to Me and know that I Am God while there is still time.”

Return to Me


Oh God let us, the church, stand with Israel, and Your Jewish people, to defend, protect, and stand with them, helping them however we can.


Antisemitism must not be tolerated.

We must not be silent.


“Oh God have mercy on us”

04 April 2024

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