Walk Circumspectly – A Word from Glenice Mills, Prophet



15TH APRIL 2024


We live in a time where we have great need to be led by His Spirit, like never before. I am personally so aware of committing my ways to the Lord, and only going and doing as He instructs and leads. This can often be seen as being lazy, however, the higher way is to do only what the Father tells us to do.


One of the greatest traps of the enemy is to have us so busy doing lots of things for God, however they are not necessarily IN God.


Let us think on this for a moment. What is He ordaining for us, because that will be what He will bless.  We will see fruit from our actions, and most importantly, we will have a deep knowing that we are walking in His divine will and purpose for our lives.


I see so many Christians like rats on a wheel, going round and around but never actually achieving anything.


This is Religion!  It is bondage! And it is the greatest distraction that entraps so many Christians. It is actually rooted in pride! Doing things in our own strength to gain our own kudos, and be seen to be a great minister or person of God, in order to build up our self-esteem.


The big question is: did God actually want it done, or was it from a place of selfish ambition and pride?


Ephesians 5:15,16


See that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.


The Lord highlighted this verse to me. What does it mean to walk circumspectly?


Circumspectly means to walk with thoroughness, precision, accuracy, in addition to the associated idea of looking, examining and investigating something with great care and alertness.


To walk circumspectly is to live wisely, morally and cautiously. Are we actually stopping, considering, and seeking the Lord about what He is actually requiring of us, or are we busy doing the same old because that is what we have known?


We know the days are evil and we need His wisdom like never before. There are so many pressures upon us in this day and age and we can subtly be taken off course from the true direction that the Lord has for us.


I write this word as a warning! Are you wise in the things you are doing in your walk with the Lord right now, or have you been enticed by the snares of the enemy, doing lots of things, but not achieving the fullness of all He wants you to do?


Pride comes before destruction and for some: what they think are great achievements for the Lord will be torn down because the motivation was self – what’s in it for me, rather than how can I serve you Lord?


Can I encourage you to stop, consider, and seek the Lord asking Him: am I walking circumspectly with wisdom, using what time I have here on earth to the best of all He requires of me right now?


We know time is short. This Scripture says that we can redeem time. What does this mean? To redeem means to buy it back, to regain possession of it. Time is a gift from God and we daren’t waste it. Let’s value the time we have and most importantly value all the Lord has given us. We need His wisdom like never before.


WALK CIRCUMSPECTLY – walk in the fear of the Lord! That is your protection and that is where there will be fruit!








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